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The top 4 reasons I use Twitter June 23, 2009

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I’ve contracted something (not Swine Flu / H1N1) . . . The Twitter Bug!

I’ve succumbed to its promises of up-to-date, wall-to-wall information, low commitment time, and cool points (that also comes with a toaster).  That’s not why I’ve kept tweeting. Here are my top 4 reasons I use twitter.

I feel cool.
In the span of social media phenomena, it is hugely popular and relatively young.  I can quickly establish or re-invent my online persona.  I’ve been on Facebook and Myspace for years.  When paired with Twitter, it can make you look like you were cool all along.

It helps promote my other social media profiles.
There is a high cross-over of my buddies on my various social media platforms. When I’m on Twitter, I read the tweet and go to the link, if there is one.  I come back to the list and do it again.  When someone reads my tweet, they can only do a couple of things:  Re-tweet, direct message, reply or go to a link.  There are no games to play or photos to sort.

It makes me a better communicator
There’s a saying that goes “The key to good communication is brevity”.  It makes me think about how I can say something in 140 characters.

It makes me more productive
Some people believe that all these social media platforms are a big waste of time.  They usually are referring to when people play games or share American Idol videos.   I don’t tweet lies, so I have to do something cool enough to tweet about. By ‘trying’ to tweet daily, I am putting out quality information for my tweeps. Also, if you aren’t putting out enough or high quality tweets, people will unfollow you.  (I’ve learned the hard way)


Social Networking Wants to use our info for marketing purposes!? February 4, 2009

Posted by optimalrisk in Business, IT, Marketing.
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According to this article, social networks and companies want to monetize the marketing information we are giving them.  Not only do they want to bombard us with ads, but they want to use the information we are giving them to tailor their marketing schemes in general.

Granted, I feel as perturbed as the next person, but come on people.  I am learning how to program.  It’s just beginner JavaScript, but this stuff is not easy.  I know geeks that give their coding away for free, but that’s usually for street cred or portfolio building.  Now take something that is several times harder than JavaScript.  People are a little naive to think all the games and other applications are free because of the side advertisements.  We are telling them exactly what they want to know about our spending habits.  There are free things that are put out by social misfits, humanitarians, or open source communities, but Facebook is not one of them.