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Evolution and the Goldigger March 5, 2009

Posted by optimalrisk in relationships, Science.
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I want to talk about gold diggers (Women who go after men (or whoever) that are rich or have great material wealth) They get a really bad rap (and I’m not talking about Kanye’s song). On the surface they might seem like superficial beings, but they are just the vestiges of a fleeting era.

Have you ever heard of an arranged marriage? There is a good chance that if you are an American living in mainstream society, you know very few people (if any) that were in an arranged marriage.  Evolutionarily speaking, arranged marriages are a sound principle.  The premise:  find two people who would make good progeny and otherwise make it okay in this world based on shared characteristics.  Sounds okay, but it was associated with lack of free will and the subjugation of women.  Now, that women are their own persons they have to get there own stuff, so to speak.

In the western world, the evolving role of men and women is at an awkward stage.  Relationships based on romantic love are necessary to keep in line with social mores of  agency and egalitarianism.  Nowadays, sometimes homemakers are looked down upon as lazy or not ambitious.  I do suspect that is because some people feel jealous about their childrearing or entertaining skills.  However, people are now realizing “love won’t keep us together” and “relationships take work”.  There are dating sites with questionnaires and compatibility tests.  I forsee the new relationship model being “arranged love”.  You will attempt to form emotional bonds only with people who are compatible with you.  Gold diggers are just people that haven’t caught up yet in the genetic race.  Don’t worry! Once men realize that women can run the world without them and that arm candy has its trade-offs they will wake up and smell the shovel.


Evolution, Darwin, and other liberal schemes February 12, 2009

Posted by optimalrisk in Nature, Politics, Science.
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I was on Facebook today and saw that my friend had joined a group called “Can we find 200,000 by Feb 12 to wish Darwin a happy 200th birthday? ” It just so happens that I am trying to finish “Origin of the Species”. I am not seeing monkeys fly out of the book just yet. What I am seeing is a naturalist (and a practicing Catholic to boot), trying to figure out the world. I am at one many points where Darwin is realizing we are connected in one giant ecosystem. If one thing is disturbed, it disturbs everything in that chain. Organisms will either adapt or die. However, I am guessing that he will find that there are limits to adaptation and that extinction is the only result for some situations.

For some, evolution is liberal media’s way un-christianizing our children. I see it as a necessary framework for the study of biological science. I don’t wholly agree with the evolutionary mechanisms proposed by Darwin, but I believe that change happens overtime to organisms. Chemists have their periodic tables and Physicists have their laws of mechanics, thermodynamics and such. So here’s to Darwin, creationists, and people don’t care where they came from.